Advanced Simulation Technology inc.

Control Real Radios via a Web Interface

ASTi's Remote Radio Control software allows you to control, configure and monitor multiple real radios over the network. Your radio may be in another facility miles away, or in the room with you; once you connect it to an ACE-RIU, its settings can be changed and monitored on the fly using just your web browser.
The Remote Radio Control is an add-on to ASTi's Synapse Radio-IP Bridge product, which provides an audio gateway between your IP network, and real radio transmit and receive capabilities.

Remote Control Capabilities

Demo Video

View a video presentation of the remote radio control setup using the ASTi Remote Management System.
Right-click to download: 960 x 600 (27.7 MB)
Runtime: 2 minutes, 52 seconds.
screen capture
Via ASTi's Remote Management System (RMS) web interface, you can configure and monitor the radio's:
  • Select preset channels (10)
  • Receive and transmit frequency
  • Receive and transmit modulation mode
  • Squelch level
  • Transmit power level
  • Plain text (PT) or cipher text (CT) mode
  • Store preset to radio memory
Live radio monitoring capabilities include:
  • Squelch status
  • Receive signal strength
  • Synthesizer lock/unlock status
  • Over-temperature status
  • Software version information
  • Installed options
  • Operational mode
Features vary depending on radio, contact ASTi for details on remote control capabilities.